Retrato de un Artista / Portrait of an Artist: Adrián S. Bará, Ana Mazzei, ASMA, Carlos H. Matos, Manuela de Laborde x Luis Orozco Madero, Manuela García, Lucas Cantú, Rodrigo Hernández, Ximena Garrido-Lecca

26 September 2022


Your picture is still
On my wall, on my wall
The colors are bright
Bright as ever
Daniel Johnston

Retrato de un artista  / Portrait of an Artist is the first exhibition in the new PEANA space in Mexico City with the participation of Adrián S. Bara, Ana Mazzei, Carlos H. Matos, Manuela de Laborde, Manuela García, Lucas Cantú , Rodrigo Hernández and Ximena Garrido-Lecca. Each artist presents a different strategy that responds to the concept of portrait, linked to the space and its architecture. The etymological root of Portrait means to retract or bring something from the past to the present - such as memory - in order to describe a person or place. The exhibition seeks to break down the portrait format, to think about it from new operational axes.


Ana Castella