Alexis Zambrano

Alexis Zambrano (Mexico b.1987) develops his work around different axes: studies of space through architecture, collecting, spirituality, antiques, trajectory of objects from private to public and vice versa until arriving at the artist’s studio and then back to the circuit. His works are created from pieces that he has accumulated since his formative years and until today –  oddities, objets d’art, and the unwanted antiques of dissolved estates, becoming obsessed with the transformation of religious objects across cultures: from temples, to showrooms of iconic works of art and even to images and particular moments of social media.


Alexis Zambrano’s works recognize the lives of objects, emphasizing the shifting nature of their value and function over time, while questioning the ways in which western institutions commodify and colonize the sacred.


Rather than attempting to memorialize or preserve the life of an object within a linear or monolithic account of history, Zambrano’s work astutely reinscribes relics and other holy items into the flow of time.