Carlos H. Matos Mexico, b. 1983

Carlos H. Matos (b.1983 Mexico City) is an architect and sculptor based in Mexico City. By using the tools and methods of both architecture and sculpture, he deliberately places himself at an ambiguous point between the two disciplines. Through a process of increasing abstraction, he strips what could be architectural elements off most of their context, inviting its purpose and meaning to become re-evaluated and addressing what happens when architecture goes beyond the format of the building. 


Through this idiosyncratic vocabulary of forms, Matos’ work constellates a quasi-fictional realm—complete with ruins, rituals and routines, and even characters whose existence is only hazily implied. 

Matos graduated from London’s Architectural Association and subsequently founded and directed the AA satellite school Beton Machine from 2014- 2017. The programme took place in Edward James’ surrealist garden in Las Pozas, Xilitla S.P. and served as a platform to research the empirical casting techniques as well as drawing connections of the site to the layered history of monumental sculpture in Mexico. 


Matos and Lucas Cantú formed Tezontle in 2015. A collaborative project where they research and produce based on different aesthetic and historical references. With an intensive material experimentation they have constructed a distinct imagery that refers to a bucolic utopia, at once modernist, pre-hispanic and primitive.