Twice-Told Tales

Group show curated by Leo Marz

02.03.2018 - 03.16.2018

PEANA is delighted to present Twice Told Tales, a group exhibition organized in collaboration with Leo Marz, Monterrey based artist and curator. This exhibition includes works by Jippies Asquerosos, Dulce Chacón, Pedro Noigandres, Pablo Rasgado, Melanie Smith and Marco Treviño.


Twice-Told Tales is a journey through the work of a group of artists who resort to dismantling as a mean to rethink the ways in which images recall a fragmented present. Artists in this exhibition give a second skin to the narratives that order the chaos of the world through the imagery and, in doing so, reveal natural relationships and emphasize the power of editing and assemblage to generate new associations, new products and evidence previously hidden meanings.


The six artists of this exhibition resort to pictorial tactics that can be understood as a means to slip through time and show us the reformulation of a series of instants in the present. Overall, the exhibition creates an archipelago of moments that become a continuous present. Urging us to reflect in materiality and its relationship to the construction of modern culture based on the processes that transform form as a consequence of a decaying past.



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