Ssser sssentir

Manuela de Laborde


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

8:00 – 11:00 pm


Mexico City


PEANA is pleased to present the work of artist and filmmaker Manuela De Laborde as part of the activities of Zona MACO 2021 Art Week in Mexico City.


The work of Laborde revolves around a quest to locate and isolate concepts that are built around tangible elements, and then create abstractions that regenerate the image and positions it in new formations, creating new virtual spaces. Her practice is a meditation on physical presence, inspired by the simplicity of expression, the economics of a proposal and the place of exhibition.


On this occasion, three works are displayed as part of one common project: Ssser sssentir (being, feeling), undertaken by the artist over the last two years. The deliberately atypical (and apparently erroneous) grammatical construction of the title confirms her intentional attention to form, the sensorial, and that which elapses, extending over time. In sum, this selection of studies explores mainly forms of contact, of syncretism, of intercorporality; while operating as a recognition of the very ‘sensation’ of the medium that contains and enables them.


SENTIR, ALLÁ (SSS estudio 1)

0’59” | 4:3 | color | no sound | 24 | 16mm | Apr 4444 XQ.

2021, MX


LOS AMANTES (SSS estudio 2)

7’04” | 4:3 | color | no sound | 24 | Apr 4444 XQ.

2020, MX


TAPESTRY SSS (SSS estudio 3)

00’46” | 4:3 | color | no sound | 24 | Apr 4444 XQ.

Analog post production: Nika Milano

2020, MX



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