Solid Void

Group show

02.03.2017 - 04.27.2018

PEANA is pleased to present Solid Void, a group exhibition of artists whose work draws from the materials, processes, and theoretical concerns of the architectural discipline, features works by Alois Kronschlaeger, David Rodriguez Caballero, Pier Stockholm, and Francisco Ugarte. Concepts of geometry, perspective, and spatial relations are used not only in architecture and art but also in the quotidian. This universal connection to the architectural, and its different interpretations are explored in the exhibition Solid Void.


Some of the works included in this exhibition, such as Alois Kronschlaeger’s precise building-like geometric sculptures borrow from the elemental forms of construction. Others simply utilize materials and tools of design and construction as in the case of Pier Stockholm’s ink drawings on tracing paper and David Rodriguez Caballero’s steel sculptures. Still, other works reference architectural planning as seen in Francisco Ugarte’s hand-drawn replica of a Peter Zumthor floor-plan for the San Benedict Chapel built-in 1988 where he seeks to revalue the architectural drawing as such.


The name “Solid Void” resulted from combining the word “solid” which alludes to the deceivingly definite nature of geometric forms and the architectural countered by the ability of the methodic nature of the featured artists’ work to transport the viewer into the “void”, a meditative state, created by having to repeat a task without having to make decisions and with no apparent purpose.



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