Group show

10.10.2016 - 01.23.2017

PEANA is pleased to present MARATHON, a group show with works by Silvina Arismendi, David Rodríguez Caballero, Andrés Ramírez Gaviria, Alois Kronschlaeger, Pier Stockholm, and Alexis Zambrano.


Embracing a long lineage of creative investigation of the arbitrary nature of the standard, the artists shown in MARATHON approach systems and models by way of the incidental or inconstant, revealing idiosyncrasies within the seemingly self-evident. While some artists intervene within preexisting orders, altering our perception of them, others devise their own personal cosmologies, which oscillate between uniformity and particularity.


In both a wall-mounted and freestanding kinetic sculpture, Alois Kronschlaeger appropriates the reticulated geometry of the grid, the formal matrix used in the organization of space. In Kronschlaeger’s work, however, the grid appears absent of its usual austerity, rendered instead as a succession of alternating hues and tones which shift with the movement of the viewer. Working with standard-sized sheets of aluminum, David Rodríguez Caballero methodically folds, files, and enamels the planes of his chosen medium, sensitizing its surfaces and allowing light to emerge as a sculptural material. The resulting pair of wall sculptures, one red and one blue, play with the expected sensorial qualities of aluminum, disrupting its usual reflectivity and coolness. In a series of prints on metal, Andrés Ramírez Gaviria depicts a platinum alloy prototype whose mass corresponds to a single kilogram unit, revealing the increasingly obsolete material substrates of the International System of Units. And in a work on canvas, the artist reproduces an image from a demonstration of the first computer-based drawing program Sketchpad, a precursor to the computer-aided design software used in technical drawing and modeling today. An arrangement of wooden stakes, marked at varying lengths by irregular bands of color, composes an installation by Silvina Arismendi.


Appearing at first like a collection of brightly colored measuring sticks, the work is a decidedly atypical means of calculation: its polychromatic units are organized according to an unknown system and formed by bundles of tightly wrapped plastic string—of the kind used by children to weave bracelets. In a multimedia installation, Pier Stockholm constructs an intricate, self-contained island of wooden planes and electrical cording, plastic drafting tools, and fluorescent tubes. And in a large-scale ink drawing on transparent paper, Stockholm establishes a system of vertical and horizontal lines, which vary in tone with the pressure of the hand—each line a distinct and unrepeatable record of the artist’s gesture and breath. Alexis Zambrano presents a sculpture topped by a bronze figurine, produced using 3D scans of the artist practicing gymnastics routines in a vintage swimming suit. In Zambrano’s process, the individual is replicated into a system of serials, though the figure itself is displayed here alone.


Taken together, the works shown in MARATHON emphasize the individual within the system and the human within the standard, drawing attention to the fact that within contingency lies the potential for change.


Text by Christian Camacho-Light



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