Lucia Vidales

05.13.2021 - 07.13.2021


A place that is a thing, a thing who is a sort of someone.


Color always happens from an interaction, a temporal interaction in continuity and discontinuity, polyvalent and liminal: a blue is a violet, a vermilion is a gray.


The subject only matters up to an extent. It matters more how it is painted.


My fat ass and my long hair, I tried to mark its scale with a trace, I failed. I discover that I don’t really know where it begins or ends. 


As it travels through the whole surface, my hair as my shadow moves with me; a hairy gesture, damp and transparent, an intermittent shadow solid and deferred.


There are paintings with an inward gaze, their color is a place where one arrives to be lost. There are others which expand and take over the world instead.


Manopie manoteta ojocara. Manopelo culocara piepelona. Cuellocosa mesapie cuadrocara. Pisomuro ventanojo tetatrapo. Aguapelo dienteculo verderojo.



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