Cold Pleasure, Warm Touch

Group show

11.06.2019 - 02.14.2020

A group exhibition presenting works by Lorena Ancona, Tomás Díaz Cedeño, Ryan Flores, Anabel Juárez, Gabriel Rosas Alemán, Leonel Salguero, Sangree, and Lucía Vidales.


Water and earth are invariably linked to the idea of origin. From creation myths to the first use of tools, clay has been not only one of the essential ways of making sense of the world, but also of reshaping it. Its continuous transformations don’t seem to deplete, but rather evolve — soil is not primitive, but timeless.


Cold Pleasure, Warm Touch brings together the work of different artists who regularly use clay as part of their practice. Taking ceramics as the starting point, the links that arise between their different plastic and conceptual explorations are thus the consequence of the project, rather than its cause — and yet the affinities between the different bodies of work are inevitable. The intersections between the natural and the organic, the oscillation between abstraction and representation, and the sculptural qualities of the apparently utilitarian object are just some of the possible confluences that emerge from the group of artists comprising the project.


This exhibition functions, ultimately, as a deployment of what can be — in spite of everything that has already been.



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