Azúcar y saliva y vapor, más color verde clorofila

Manuela de Laborde

09.05.2020 – 10.10.2020

Online Viewing Room



This project is presented in two simultaneous but opposing spaces, one physical and one virtual. In our Project Room, De Laborde presents material explorations in glass, resin and foam alongside her most recent film “Azúcar y saliva y vapor” (2020) —made in collaboration with Sol Oosel and with the support of FICUNAM— in which she pursues a cinematographic desire of being immersive and three-dimensional, at times on almost suffocating levels. Parallel to this, “Viveros” (2014) will be displayed in our Online Viewing Room. The film, made of a strip of printed photographs of Mexico’s viveros and parks, explores an almost palpable cinematographic sensory experience free of evident narrative.


All throughout the unfolding of the project’s dual presentation is a formal restlessness expressed in different configurations, a restlessness that —appealing to a sensory activation of the materials, the spectator, and the space— incites an exploration of that which is alive.



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